Multiple casualties in blast at English water recycling centre


"We can confirm there are followingt the in a warehouse near in ," a spokesperson of Avon Fire and Rescue Service told reporters, though they were unable to confirm how many people had been injured or killed. "We are joined by Avon and Somerset police and the ambulance service on site," the spokesperson added.

A large blast at a water treatment site near Bristol in England on Thursday has caused multiple casualties, with police declaring it a major incident.

Emergency services said there had been a large explosion at the site in Avonmouth, southwest England, which was believed to have occurred in one of the chemical tanks at Wessex Water's Bristol water recycling centre.

"We can confirm there are multiple casualties on site," a spokeswoman for Avon Fire and Rescue Service said, adding that injuries were serious. "It's very much ongoing," she said.

There were no further details of the casualties. Police said a full investigation into the incident would be conducted.

"Officers remain at the scene and are likely to be for some time as we work together with other agencies in dealing with this major incident," Chief Inspector Mark Runacres said.

"Police enquiries into exactly what happened are at a very early stage and are continuing."

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