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08.01.2021 13:40
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Israel protested for planning to evict Arab population from Sheikh el Jarrah

Residents of the Sheikh el Jarrah neighbourhood in Jerusalem have hit the streets in protest of Israel's ongoing policy that has been followed to evict the Arab population in the region. Israeli police sprayed skunk water at Palestinians in the tense neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah on Saturday who gathered to protest plans to evict a number of families from their homes.

Sheikh Jarrah has been the scene of frequent demonstrations and clashes between Palestinian protesters and police over a court case in which a group of hardline Israeli settlers seek to evict a number of Palestinian families from the Arab neighbourhood.

The fate of four Palestinian families Alkurd, Alkasem, Aljaouni, Skafi will be decided on Monday by the high Israeli court, who could be evicted from their houses by an unlawful decision that violates the international law.

Palestinian have been facing an ongoing ethnic cleansing and apartheid policy by the Israeli occupation, as thousands in Jerusalem are under threat of eviction.