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Erdoğan vows to reduce inflation in Türkiye to single digits

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the nation after the Cabinet Meeting, emphasizing their commitment to reducing inflation to single digits. "The average inflation rate of the last 21 years is below 15 percent," Erdoğan stressed in his speech.

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Published August 07,2023

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed his commitment to reducing inflation to single digits during statements made after the Cabinet Meeting. He emphasized that the troubles in the economy are temporary and urged prioritizing the national interests and future of the country over short-term concerns.

"We will reduce inflation to single digits," President Erdoğan stated, highlighting that the average inflation rate of the last 21 years has been below 15 percent. He further addressed various accomplishments and challenges faced during his term, including economic growth, increased national income, and employment opportunities.

"We have successfully tackled Türkiye's chronic problem of inflation, reducing it to 6 percent during our tenure. We will achieve single-digit inflation again," Erdoğan affirmed, underlining that employment and growth remain non-negotiable priorities.

Addressing the citizens and those working for the country's development, the President emphasized that both individuals and states can experience fluctuations but reassured that Türkiye's strength has significantly increased. He urged unity in facing challenges and expressed gratitude to the nation for their patience.

Erdoğan also highlighted the success of the IDEF 23 event, where 23 signed agreements amounted to a project volume of 56.5 billion TL. He applauded the continued increase in export figures, reaching a record-high of 20 billion 93 million dollars in July.

In conclusion, President Erdoğan called for solidarity and determination in overcoming any deficiencies and challenges to lead Türkiye into a prosperous future, envisioning a "Türkiye Century" together with the nation's common values and cooperation. He extended his appreciation to exporters for their contribution to delivering Turkish products to the global market.