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36-year-old U.S. citizen converts to Islam in northeast Türkiye

Anadolu Agency TÜRKIYE
Published May 16,2024

A 36-year-old U.S. citizen Kendra Dawn Warnick, who settled in Bayburt province in northeastern Türkiye with her family after marriage, has converted to Islam.

She accepted Islam as her new religion in a ceremony on Thursday at Bayburt province's Mufti's Office, where she also took on the Islamic name "Kübra."

She married Raşit Akbaş in 2010 and settled in Bayburt with her husband and children in July 2023.

She decided to become a Muslim after studying Islam and receiving guidance from Provincial Mufti Bayram Danacı.

Kübra said she has begun to live a Muslim life with the support of her husband.

One of the best deeds in the sight of Allah is to bring a person to Islam, Mufti Danacı said, adding, "You accepted Islam as the true religion and became a Muslim. We have witnessed your acceptance of Islam here. May it be blessed."