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Isparta man suffers a heart attack while praying in a mosque

Sadly, Barış Aşık passed away after experiencing a heart attack in a mosque in Isparta. The event took place at Devlethan Mosque on April 14th in the Yalvaç district. During the evening prayer, he suddenly collapsed while worshipping with fellow congregants.

Agencies and A News TÜRKIYE
Published April 18,2024

Barış Aşık, who suffered a heart attack while praying in a mosque in Isparta, passed away. The incident occurred on April 14th at Devlethan Mosque in the Yalvaç district.

While attending the evening prayer, Barış Aşık suddenly collapsed while praying with the congregation. Two individuals near him intervened, and emergency medical teams were called to the scene upon notification.

Barış Aşık, determined to have suffered a heart attack, passed away at Yalvaç State Hospital.

Following a funeral prayer held at Devlethan Mosque on April 15th, Barış Aşık was laid to rest at Kızılca Mahallesi Cemetery.

The moments when Barış Aşık experienced the heart attack were captured on the mosque's security cameras. The footage shows Barış Aşık standing with the congregation and then suddenly collapsing, with two individuals beside him providing assistance.