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Murat Kurum announces new underwater tunnel for Istanbulites

Cumhur Alliance Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) Presidential candidate Murat Kurum on Tuesday made statements at the 'Pain-Free Istanbul Meeting.’ In his statements, Kurum said: ‘’We will once again connect the two sides of Istanbul underwater.’’

Agencies and A News TÜRKIYE
Published February 27,2024

AK Party's Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mayoral candidate Murat Kurum on Tuesday revealed his plans at the 'Pain-Free Istanbul Promotion Meeting.'

Kurum made the following statements during his speech:


- A 'transportation demand forecasting model' will be prepared that is continuously fed with live data and is always up to date.

- Future demand forecasts for freight and passenger transportation will be prepared.

- A sustainable transportation infrastructure will be prepared.

- Short, medium, and long-term projects will be identified.


- The rail systems will be doubled in the first 5 years and increased to 1004 kilometers by 2034.


- The 14.2 km Yenikapı-İncirli-Sefaköy metro line

- The 18 km Sefaköy-Avcılar-Beylikdüzü-TÜYAP metro line

- The 28 km İncirli-Gayrettepe-Söğütlüçeşme metro line

- The 17.4 km Vezneciler-Sultangazi metro line

- The 6.9 km City Hospital-Sarıgazi-Taşdelen-Yenidoğan metro line

- The 5.4 km Sultanbeyli-Kurtköy metro line

- The 6 km Sabiha Gökçen-Kurtköy metro line

- The 21.3 km Üsküdar-Kadıköy-Maltepe-Kartal tram line

- The 3.1 km Eyüpsultan-Bayrampaşa tram line

- The 62.4 km Samandıra-İstanbul Airport rail system line

- The 2 km Eyüpsultan-Pierre Loti-Miniatürk cable car line will be completed.

'' We will realize these projects for comfortable, reliable, and economical transportation. We will update them digitally. We will expand our network with new roads and parking lots. We will establish a transportation academy where drivers, passengers, and pedestrians will receive education. Within this main plan, we will show macro statistics such as population and economic growth.''

''For the future, we will calculate the loads and estimates of our investments. According to the demands that will arise, we will design the infrastructure accordingly. We have designed all our project details accordingly. Currently, the metro lines are 340 km, we will increase this to 650 km by 2029. In 2034, we will increase it to 1004 km.'' Kurum stated.