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Turkish soldiers' new companion, 'Goat' designed for toughest conditions

The concept of robotic products moving alongside soldiers is becoming widespread. One of the latest works of Turkish defense industry companies, driven by the demand in this field, is the 'Goat'. This robotic dog serves as an 'arm' in the military team and successfully performs challenging tasks such as reconnaissance in mud, rough terrain, and minefields.

Agencies and A News TÜRKIYE
Published July 28,2023

At the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) held in Istanbul, while the focus is often on big projects such as aircraft, tanks, drones, and naval platforms, there are also small yet critical developments drawing attention to meet the needs of security forces.

One of these products is the 'Goat,' a robotic dog bearing the BİTES signature. Although this concept may not be entirely new, the roles of such robotic platforms in the field of warfare have been increasingly vital in recent times. The Turkish defense industry is actively developing solutions to meet the demands of relevant security institutions based on their specific needs.

The most suitable concept for Türkiye's terrain

BİTES CEO Uğur Coşkun shared information about the platform and began with an interesting detail. He pointed out that some autonomous vehicles were using wheels or tracks, but through their tests, they found that this type was not entirely suitable for Türkiye's geographical features.

According to Coşkun, the most positive results were achieved with four-legged systems, and they had designed 'Goat' accordingly. Its four-legged structure transforms the 'Goat' into a performer capable of successfully completing its missions even in rugged terrain, rocky areas, or the most challenging mountainous regions.

It can carry a 25-kilogram load for two hours.

We know that these types of platforms can take on multiple tasks. We inquire about the capabilities of 'Goat' to Uğur Coşkun. He pointed out that 'Goat' had an instant carrying capacity of 80 kilograms. If you load a useful payload of 25 kilograms on it, 'Goat' can transport it to your desired location for two hours.

Coşkun emphasized that 'Goat' could easily move through water and mud, and it could overcome various other geographical obstacles. They described 'Goat' as an autonomous robot dog that would work together with the security forces in the field. "'Goat' will become a sort of 'companion' to our soldiers," he said.

Thanks to the SIM card on it, it will be able to communicate with soldiers.

One of the most notable features of 'Goat' is its 360-degree vision camera. Uğur Coşkun explained that 'Goat' had a SIM card and through the ATOK system, which is also developed by BİTES, and that it instantly transmited everything it saw to the security units. Coşkun highlighted that 'Goat' could be easily controlled by a single person. He concluded by saying:

"When our military unit arrives in the area, 'Goat' will follow the given orders and go to the desired location. It will conduct reconnaissance missions required by the unit. If there is a need to transport materials between two points, it will fulfill that task as well. One of the toughest areas for our soldiers is the caves belonging to terrorist organizations. 'Goat' will also operate in such environments and play crucial roles in cave operations.

'Goat' is a robotic companion that we can program according to the desired mission types. As it stands, it has a highly flexible structure. The chassis and internal systems we used to develop 'Goat' have passed all our tests. We are continuously improving its autonomous capabilities. If there is demand, we are ready to deliver a customized 'Goat' with the desired features to the relevant institution within 6 months."