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COVID-19 figures surge in Turkey over past week

Anadolu Agency TURKEY
Published November 22,2020

Turkey has registered significant rises in the number of COVID-19 patients, fatalities, and patients in critical condition over the last week despite measures the country has taken against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The number of active patients reached 57,761 with an increase of 8,653 over the last week, while the number of patients in critical condition rose to 4,121 with an addition of 682.

A total of 801 patients died in the past week due to the novel coronavirus and the death rate of the patients in critical condition has been around 3%. The ratio of patients with pneumonia to those in critical condition was 3.8%.

Ratio of active patients to that of overall patients during last week:

Date Number of active cases Ratio to total number of patients (%)
Nov. 15 49,108 11.85
Nov. 16 49,618 11.88
Nov. 17 50,646 12.00
Nov. 18 52,153 12.25
Nov. 19 53,654 12.47
Nov. 20 55,597 12.77
Nov. 21 57,761 13.10

Daily fatality rate among patients in critical condition over past week:

Date Number of patients in critical condition Number of deaths Ratio (%)
Nov. 15 3,439 89 2.58
Nov. 16 3,610 94 2.60
Nov. 17 3,657 103 2.81
Nov. 18 3,742 116 3.09
Nov. 19 3,850 123 3.19
Nov. 20 3,990 141 3.53
Nov. 21 4,121 135 3.27

According to the Turkish Health Ministry, based on the results of 17,090,101 tests, 440,805 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since March 11, when the first positive case was recorded.

Since then, while 370,825 patients have recovered from the virus, 12,219 of them lost their lives.

Of those tested, 2.57% were diagnosed with COVID-19.

From March 17, when the first virus-related death was recorded, until Nov. 21, the death rate was 2.77%, while the recovery rate stood at 84.12%.

Nov. 18 was recorded as the day with the highest number of tests conducted, at 158,811, with 2.65% of them resulting positive.

The ministry announced the first case that resulted in death on March 17. Since then, the deaths column has never been empty in the daily coronavirus table shared by the ministry.

On Nov. 20, the day with the highest number of deaths, 141 patients succumbed to COVID-19.