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Social media usage time in Türkiye is 2 hours 44 minutes

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Published February 13,2024

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu spoke at the "Safe Internet Day" event organized with the theme of "A better internet together" at the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK).

Emphasizing that we live in an age where access to information is not a problem, Uraloğlu stated that humanity has become more susceptible to manipulation and disinformation than ever before.

Uraloğlu pointed out that the internet, especially in the last 25 years, has changed and transformed habits and necessities. He stated, "Mobile devices with internet connection are at the forefront of our lives. This new era, which carries risks and threats for individual users, has added value to our lives with systems where the public can provide uninterrupted internet service 24/7."

Drawing attention to the fact that in recent years the internet has ceased to be just a means of communication or a tool when needed, Uraloğlu made the following evaluations:

"The emergence of the internet as a new cultural space, reality, freedom area, and economic market has also led to changes in global values and habits. Our youth, who spend most of their time on the internet, unfortunately, no longer have their 'values' determined solely by their family or the people around them; rather, the internet, through social media networks, is shaping the culture. Therefore, just as a parent needs to know where their child is and who they are with outside the house, leaving children uncontrolled in the digital world can lead to dangerous consequences. I appeal to all parents not to leave our children and youth alone in the vast and unregulated environment of the internet. Protect them from the evils of the digital world with different protection and security methods. Learning and implementing ways to use the internet safely are the responsibility of all of us."

Uraloğlu mentioned that while the daily internet usage time is 6 hours and 40 minutes worldwide, it is approximately 6 hours and 57 minutes in Turkey, almost 7 hours.

He indicated that while social media usage time is 2 hours and 23 minutes worldwide, it is approximately 2 hours and 44 minutes in Turkey, close to 3 hours. Therefore, he stressed that this area should never be left unattended and should be taken seriously. He said, "As the Ministry, on the occasion of Safe Internet Day, we want to raise awareness among our citizens about ways to keep them safe in the digital world."