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Hamas says US pier in Gaza not 'alternative to opening all land crossings'

Anadolu Agency MIDDLE EAST
Published May 18,2024

Hamas on Friday said the US-built temporary pier in Gaza to provide humanitarian aid cannot be an alternative to opening land crossings.

In a statement, the Palestinian group affirmed on "the right of [Palestinian] people to receive all the aid they need in light of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the occupation after its brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip."

"We reaffirm our rejection to any military presence of any force on our Palestinian lands," the statement said.

Israeli has killed 35,000 Palestinians since an Hamas incursion on Oct. 7 that claimed 1,200 lives and 250 others were taken as hostages.

Besides mass destruction and displacement, Israeli restrictions on border crossings have hindered the delivery of supplies, leaving Gazans in need of food, shelter and other assistance.

US troops finished installing the floating pier on Thursday, and aid trucks rolled across the newly built docking facility and into the besieged enclave on Friday. The UN, primarily the World Food Program, would be responsible for the onward distribution of aid.