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Haaretz: poor discipline, not coordination behind aid worker deaths

According to sources in the military, the seven aid workers who died on Monday night in Gaza were killed by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officers who act according to their own will, as reported by Haaretz newspaper.

Published April 03,2024
The seven aid workers who were killed by Israel in Gaza on Monday night died because Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officers on the ground "do what they want," sources in the military have told the country's Haaretz newspaper.

While the IDF claimed that the deaths resulted from poor coordination, a Haaretz source in the intelligence branch said the command "knows exactly what the cause of the attack was - in Gaza, everyone does as he pleases."

The strike was launched because of a suspicion that a terrorist was travelling with the World Central Kitchen (WCK) convoy, But the target had not left the warehouse with the vehicles, Haaretz reported.

One of the military sources told Haaretz: "It's frustrating. We're trying our hardest to accurately hit terrorists, and utilizing every thread of intelligence, and in the end the units in the field decide to launch attacks without any preparation, in cases that have nothing to do with protecting our forces."