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Israeli mother Danielle Aroni pens heartfelt letter to thank Hamas members after being released

Israeli mother, Danielle Aroni, expressed gratitude to Hamas for their humane treatment during her captivity and for their kindness towards her daughter, Emilia. Aroni thanked the Hamas soldiers for their exceptional humanity and stated that her daughter felt like a queen in Gaza.

Agencies and A News MIDDLE EAST
Published November 28,2023
Danielle Aroni, an Israeli woman released by Hamas, has penned a heartfelt letter to express gratitude to the Palestinian resistance fighters for their humane treatment towards her and her daughter.

Danielle expressed her gratitude to the Hamas generals who had been with her for the past few weeks, noting that they had been like parental figures to her daughter Emilia.

The Israeli mother pointed a finger at their exceptional kindness and noted that every person, that she came across, showed them courtesy, care, and love.

Despite the challenging situation in Gaza and the heavy losses suffered, Danielle acknowledges the gracious behaviour of Hamas, expressing everlasting gratitude and wishing health and love to them and their families.