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WHO: More Gazans could die from disease than Israeli bombardment

The World Health Organization has warned, "A greater number of individuals may face death from illnesses compared to bombings in Gaza if urgent measures are not taken to restore the health system in the enclave."

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Published November 28,2023
The World Health Organization has announced that if immediate action is not taken to rebuild Gaza's health system, more lives may be lost to illnesses than to bombings.

WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said in a statement: "If we are unable to restore the health system, we will witness a larger number of deaths due to disease as opposed to bombardment in the future."

The incident at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City was deemed a tragedy by her, and she expressed worry over the detainment of hospital staff by Israeli forces.

Recently, the director of the hospital, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, and other top doctors were taken into custody by the Israeli army.