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Israeli TikToker mocks Gazan mothers who have lost their children

Following previous examples of mockery targeting besieged Palestinians for their lack of access to basic necessities like food, clean water, and electricity, there are now reports of some Israelis making derogatory comments about Palestinian mothers who have lost their children during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Agencies and A News MIDDLE EAST
Published October 23,2023

An Israeli SFX makeup artist, Eve Cohen, created a TikTok video that has gained significant attention on social media. In the video, she attempts to suggest that Palestinian mothers aren't genuinely losing their children due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

In this video, Cohen, dressed as a Palestinian mother, uses ketchup and baby powder for inexpensive SFX makeup to simulate fake blood and debris, which she applies to her face. In one scene, she feigns being a Palestinian martyr by smearing ketchup on her forehead.

In another, she portrays an injured Palestinian mother holding a make-believe baby with a fruit for a head. Throughout the video, Cohen adds a director's command, shouting "Cut!" in the background, and the clip concludes with the sound of applause as she discards the fruit and smiles.

The video faced substantial backlash from online users who criticized her for displaying insensitivity towards the gravity of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

This video comes in the wake of another incident involving an Israeli TikToker who created a 'Get Ready With Me' video that was perceived as mocking Palestinians who have been affected by the ongoing conflict.

She deleted her video following a backlash from the online community.