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Israel destroying everything in Gaza, mayor says

"Israel is causing widespread destruction in Gaza, rendering life nearly unlivable." Gaza Mayor Dr. Yahya Al Sarraj said Monday during a live broadcast. Dr. Al Sarraj strongly urged the global community to recognize the Palestinian people's right to determine their own future and emphatically declared, "The occupation must come to an end."

Agencies and A News MIDDLE EAST
Published October 23,2023
Smoke rises in the distance after Israeli air strikes in Gaza, 23 October 2023. (EPA Photo)

During a live broadcast on A Haber, Gaza Mayor Dr. Yahya Al Sarraj on Monday addressed the situation in the Gaza Strip.

In his remarks, Dr. Yahya Al Sarraj lamented the dire conditions in Gaza, highlighting the severe disruptions in basic services.

He emphasized that water and electricity had been completely cut off, leaving the people utterly helpless.

Furthermore, he described Israel's actions as highly destructive, stating that it had become a "killing machine," and noted that hospitals were facing critical shortages of essential medical supplies.

Dr. Yahya Al Sarraj strongly conveyed the gravity of the situation, suggesting that the term "massacre" hardly suffices to describe the horrific conditions in Gaza.

''Children are dying, the injured are lying on the ground, the situation is very bad.'' he said.

''Occupying Israel wants to remove Palestinians from its own land. They want to own Palestine. They won't be able to do this. They failed to achieve this in 48, but they took action again in 2023. But people are aware of this. People know there is nowhere to go but their country. I don't think anyone wants to leave Palestine, go to the Sinai desert or anywhere else.'' Al Sarraj added.

Dr. Yahya Al Sarraj's message to the world is clear and resolute: Palestinians must have the freedom to determine their own future. The occupation and the siege must come to an end.