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Young absolute pitch pianist's dream comes true

Anadolu Agency LIFE
Published February 19,2021

Bager Calışçı, a 9-year-old visually disabled musician who possesses absolute pitch, made his dream of 'playing the piano under a tree' real in Turkey's eastern Muş Plain.

After his father had told him about snowfall, the young musician started to dream about playing the piano under a lonely tree on snow to observe how the piano sounds in nature.

"The sound of the piano was great in this environment. It excited me. I am delighted," he said after his father took him to snow-white Mus Plain with his piano.

The young musician from eastern Mus province said he loves playing the piano very much and wants to get a good education to become a successful pianist.

"I took a trip for this. I have beautiful dreams. I want to make them real by standing on my own feet without being a burden to anyone," Çalışçı said, noting that he wants to play the piano for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Father Calisci said: "We came to a place like my son dreamed of. I told him that we were in the middle of a white plain and under a tree. He got very excited and played the piano for a long time."

According to the father, his son is a very talented child who sometimes lies on the ground and takes his head in his hands to listen to the sounds for hours, then plays his composition with the piano.

He also gave a concert in a village in Mus with the support of Caner Keser, his visually disabled music teacher who discovered the young musician's talent.