Magnesium citrate taken orally alleviates pain: Research

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A team of Turkish scientists have pioneered a research which proves taking magnesium citrate orally reduces pain.

Dr. Nazan Uysal Harzadın, an academic at Dokuz Eylül University, said her team carried out a scientific study to trace the relationship between magnesium and muscle pain.

She said their experiments proved that magnesium citrate taken orally reduces pain by regulating the balance of the immune system.

The researcher said she believes that magnesium might be useful to reduce pain especially after surgery.

"There is some data showing that magnesium, directly injected to a vein during surgery, can control pain after medical operation. However, this method is not mostly preferred due to its side effects that cause hypotension," she said.

Before this experiment, Harzadın proved that the component of magnesium malate and magnesium acetyl reduces anxiety level and the possibility of depression.

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