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Muslims urged to boycot products of Zionist owned companies

Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş -- the President of Religious Affairs -- emphasized the importance of firmly boycotting products from companies that support Zionism and actively standing against oppression and its perpetrators in all forms. "It is imperative to avoid buying items from businesses that endorse Zionism and to oppose any type of oppression. We must also teach the younger generation and Islamic community about the importance of Al-Quds," Erbaş said in a statement.

Published December 01,2023
The "Palestine Consultation Meeting" hosted by the Presidency of Religious Affairs has gathered fifty-four non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from various regions of Türkiye.

Addressing the attendees at the Diyanet Academy's conference hall, President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş extended his gratitude and stated, "Our gathering today aims to discuss potential actions against the despicable tragedy occurring in Gaza and the Palestinian territories."

President Erbaş stressed the importance of Gaza and Al-Quds, not only to Palestinians, but also to believers as a matter of faith and dignity, and to humanity as a matter of morality and conscience. "The situation in Gaza serves as a clear illustration of the destructive impact when an oppressive terrorist state holds itself in high regard," Erbaş added.

Erbaş laid out those statements in his speech:

"The Jews who oppose oppression and have a conscience are not the target of the reactions, but rather the perverted Zionists who destroy and harm revelation and sacred values, and who practice cruelty and extortion in the most brutal way.

It is imperative to expedite efforts towards uniting the hearts of all believers in the entire Islamic world. The consciousness of Al-Quds must remain at the forefront. We must recognize that our efforts are insufficient until Al-Quds is liberated. Recent events have reminded us that Palestine cannot be freed from occupation without concrete and decisive actions from the Islamic Ummah, who must stand united against oppression and occupation. Coming together as one is the only viable solution at this critical juncture.

As members of the Islamic community, we have the ability to overcome any obstacle by joining forces and recognizing our strength. Sadly, there are individuals who have taken advantage of oppressed and Muslim regions for their own financial gain. By inciting conflict and promoting proxy wars, they continue to thrive while these geographies suffer.

Just like before, we remain committed to upholding truth, and justice and standing against those who oppress. Our unwavering support for the oppressed serves as a beacon of hope.

The gradual occupation of Palestine over the last 70 years is a clear indication of our failure as Muslims to implement strategic policies and unite. Therefore, it is imperative that we learn from our mistakes and take a firm stance. Let us not forget that it is only through eliminating brutality among ourselves that we can put an end to all forms of oppression and injustice, particularly the heinous acts being committed in Gaza.

It is crucial to refrain from purchasing products from companies that actively support Zionism and to stand against all forms of oppression. It is our duty to educate future generations and the youth of the Islamic world about the significance of Al-Quds.

We bring to the attention of the global public and reiterate our appeals. Once again, I address the oppressors, child killers, and occupiers. You will be engulfed in the blood and tears of the innocent, becoming prisoners of the hatred within your hearts. Even if you perceive it as distant, relying on the courage derived from the power centres you currently shield yourself with, there will come a day when you will be held accountable by the law. Tyrants are cowards, and you epitomize the utmost cowardice. Your deployment of weapons against innocent children is a testament to your cowardly nature before the entire world.

In this context, I implore humanity, those who shut their eyes and consciences to the unfolding realities, condemning themselves to darkness to avoid acknowledging the atrocities. One of the greatest blessings bestowed by Almighty Allah (swt) upon humans is conscience. A human is defined by their conscience, which transcends race, color, and geography. I encourage you to reflect upon your conscience and heed its call."