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Israeli defense minister flies over Gaza to witness army's attacks, calling them 'impressive'

Anadolu Agency MIDDLE EAST
Published December 01,2023

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said on Friday that he had flown over the Gaza Strip to observe the Israeli army's attacks, which had resumed since the morning after Tel Aviv announced the end of the week-long humanitarian pause.

Gallant said in a statement on his X account that he flew over Gaza in a combat helicopter to witness Israeli attacks across the enclave and that the results were "impressive."

He also stressed the importance of continuing to fight the Palestinian group Hamas, claiming that it "only understands force."

The defense minister reiterated his government's goals from the devastating onslaught against Gaza, including dismantling Hamas, destroying its military capabilities, and retrieving Israeli captives held in Gaza.

Early on Friday, Israel and Hamas traded blame for violating the terms of a seven-day humanitarian pause that began on Nov. 24.

The Israeli army resumed intensified attacks across the Gaza Strip early Friday after declaring the end of the humanitarian pause, resulting in hundreds of Palestinian casualties.

At least 178 Palestinians have been killed and 589 more injured since Israel resumed bombing the Gaza Strip, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

The humanitarian pause began on Nov. 24 as part of an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas to temporarily halt fighting to allow the hostages swap, as well as the delivery of aid.

More than 15,000 Palestinians, mostly children and women, have been killed in Israeli attacks since Oct. 7. Around 1,200 Israelis have also been killed, according to official estimates.