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Czech premier blames Russia over failed arson attempt in Prague

Anadolu Agency EUROPE
Published June 11,2024

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala accused Russia on Monday of being behind a failed arson attack last week on buses at a depot in the capital Prague.

Speaking to the press after a meeting of the Czech National Security Council, Fiala said the failed attack was "very likely" organized and financed by Moscow, adding the plan was part of a "hybrid" sabotage campaign spearheaded by Russia against European countries.

"The connection is not only possible, but highly probable," he told reporters.

Police said earlier that they arrested a foreign national on Saturday on terrorism charges. They described the suspect as "a Spanish-speaking man originally from South America" who had apparently been in the country for at least five days.

Fiala said the failed arson attempt was likely connected to a spate of similar attacks in Europe that appeared to be orchestrated by Moscow.

Police boosted security in the capital last Friday following the incident.

Authorities released CCTV footage showing a man paying for items at a shop or petrol station. Police said he was possibly dangerous and warned people not to approach him but announced his arrest the following day.