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Slovakia's premier in critical condition after attempted assassination

Anadolu Agency EUROPE
Published May 16,2024
SMER-SSD party leader Robert Fico arrives to the party's headquarters after the country's early parliamentary elections, in Bratislava, Slovakia, October 1, 2023. (REUTERS File Photo)

Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico remains in critical condition following an assassination attempt that unfolded Wednesday in the town of Handlova, 85 miles northeast of the capital Bratislava.

Fico was shot multiple times while engaging with supporters outside a cultural center after a government meeting.

Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok told a press conference that a suspect had been charged with attempted murder.

He did not name the alleged assailant, but local media identified the perpetrator as a 71-year-old from the town of Levice.

According to Estok, the suspect had acted alone and had previously taken part in anti-government protests. He could face life imprisonment.

Defense Minister Robert Kalinak earlier said Fico remained in serious condition, and doctors spent the night "fighting for his life."