Clashes at Yellow Vest protest in Paris lead to 30 arrests

Police in arrested more than 30 people on Saturday following clashes with demonstrators in the latest by the Yellow Vest movement.

Broadcaster Franceinfo reported that tensions were high at the Gare de l'Est railway station, where rubbish bins were set on fire and windows were broken.

The , named for the high-visibility security bibs they wear, has organized demonstrations against the policies of President Emmanuel Macron for more than a year.

In recent weeks, Yellow Vest protesters have joined trade unions at rallies against Macron's planned pension reforms.

After weeks of ongoing transport strikes against the pension reform, the situation in local public transport in Paris was expected to improve at the beginning of the week.

"The chances are good that things will pick up again on Monday," Laurent Djebali of the UNSA-RATP union told the newspaper Le Parisien on Saturday.

Many employees would have to "recharge their batteries" first, Djebali said, adding that there was a determination to continue the fight against the reform.

The union urged its supporters to join the next mass protest on January 24.

Thanks to the government's concessions on the reform plans, the situation on the rails had already eased considerably last week. The metros of many lines were running for most of the day, rather than only at peak times.

The strikes and protests against the government's pension reforms have been going on for more than six weeks.

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