Turkey to help Albania in flood disaster management

Turkey's Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Akif Özkaldı on Friday visited Albania's capital to hold talks on cooperation for flood disaster management.

Özkaldı met representatives of Albania-Turkey Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATTSO) in Tirana.

Following the meeting, Özkaldı told Anadolu Agency that they are visiting Albania to discuss the possible cooperations between the two countries on repetitive floods that have hit the country in the past two years.

"Today, we have made an assessment with the Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman and the members in terms of investments, cooperation opportunities in Albania and the projects that we can do in the coming days," said Özkaldı.

The delegation will also meet Albanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Niko Peleshi to discuss issues such as water investments, flood, agriculture and forestry.

Özkaldı recalled that a research team from the ministry visited Albania in April.

"They took up the issue of floods, they did a study. Today, we will make an assessment on water, agriculture and forestry in a broader perspective and hope that we will discuss what we can do about cooperation in the coming days," said Özkaldı.

Also, Özkaldı and his delegation carried out examinations in the flood regions on Thursday.

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