FETÖ weakened by Maarif Foundation activities abroad

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Schools and educations institutions linked to the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) have lost power and influence to a large extent in countries outside the West, Maarif Foundation Chairman Birol Güven has said.

Speaking to the Turkish language daily, Sabah, Güven said the Maarif Foundation has official contacts with 97 countries. "We have convinced many of these countries to transfer the control of this group's [FETÖ] schools to us," said Güven and added that they have taken the control of some 200 schools as yet.

"The countries that did not transfer the control of these schools closed down or confiscated them," Güven said.

The Maarif Foundation has also initiated a new strategy in its fight against FETÖ. In Central Asia and Balkans, where many countries are labeled as FETÖ fortresses, the foundation is preparing to take over the control of schools in strategic countries like Kyrgyzstan and Albania.

Güven said the foundation is about to launch a new plan to promote the Turkish language abroad.

Turkey established the Maarif Foundation in 2016, following the July 15 coup attempt, to assume control of schools abroad linked to the FETÖ. Since its establishment, the foundation has made official contact with 97 countries, appointing directors to 40. It also opened many new schools in numerous places. The foundation currently runs 200 schools in 12 countries.

Tülay Canpolat / Daily Sabah

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