Trump delays imposing auto tariffs on auto imports and parts

President on Friday announced he will delay by six months a decision on imposing steep tariffs on imported autos while the United States pursues talks with key trading partners. "Within 180 days... the Trade Representative shall update me on the outcome of the negotiations," Trump said in a proclamation issued by the .

President is delaying any decision to impose on car and auto part imports, deciding against ratcheting up trade disputes or impacting talks with and .

Trump announced his decision to delay for up to six months in a proclamation issued by the on Friday.

He was required to make a decision on Commerce Department recommendations aimed to protect the U.S. auto industry, based on national security concerns.

Trump directed his trade team to pursue negotiations and address the impact that imports are having on the U.S. auto industry and its ability to invest in new research and development that he says is critical to the nation's security.

Trump says he'll decide whether to take further action in 180 days.

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