Microsoft Turkey: Make sure to use up-to-date software

Keeping software up-to-date prevents security vulnerabilities, Microsoft Turkey Deputy General Manager Murat Yılmaz has said.

"Not keeping up-to-date software causes security vulnerability. At Microsoft, we develop all our up-to-date softwares in a most secure way. Using up-to-date software also means automatically protecting yourself [against viruses, security breaches]," Yılmaz told reporters in capital Ankara on Wednesday.

Yılmaz said the ratio of not using latest softwares in Turkey's public institutions was above 90 percent while only 60 percent of users throughout Turkey kept their software up-to-date.

He said using an upgraded version was important since older versions developed three to five years ago failed to meet current cybersecurity challenges.

"At Microsoft, we work very hard for cybersecurity in the world. We have special centers and we share information with our customers. Cybersecurity is a issue that we give importance to and work on," Yılmaz said.

He added Microsoft had a cybersecurity center to protect cloud technologies and the teams working in those centers checked 200 billion e-mails, 300 billion personal identities and more than one billion devices a month.

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