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Erdoğan: Islamic world must wake up from shock of Gaza massacres

During his remarks to reporters on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned that the Islamic world must wake up from the shock of the Gaza massacres, which he described as acts of genocide. He emphasized that failure to do so could result in a complete loss of response and action.

Agencies and A News WORLD
Published April 23,2024
"If the Islamic world doesn't awaken from trembling caused by Gaza massacres amounting to genocides, it faces danger of losing its reflexes completely," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stressed in his comments on Tueaday while speaking to reporters on the plane returning from his visit to Iraq.

"Türkiye sent around 45,000 tons of aid to Gaza, will continue to do so. Ankara never leaves its 'Palestinian brothers, sisters' on their own," Erdoğan said in a statement.

Israel's attacks on journalists aim to erase evidence of its massacres, genocide, revealing its 'discomfort with truth,' Erdoğan added.

Erdoğan stressed PKK/PYD/YPG terror group poses threat to Iraq's stability, development, peace, says combatting terrorism crucial for Baghdad's future.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements to journalists on the plane returning from his visit to Iraq.

"We discussed steps we can take against the PKK threat"

"During our visit, it was truly touching to see Erbil adorned with our crescent-starred Turkish flag from every corner. We once again had the opportunity to witness the sincere friendship between Turkey and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Our determination to enhance the cooperation we have established with the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government remains steadfast. I clearly expressed this during our visit. We discussed steps we can take against the PKK threat. We confirmed that achieving lasting success in counterterrorism is critically important for the security of our region. We extensively evaluated our economic relations, including energy, transportation, trade, and investments. During our discussions, we also talked about the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza and Palestine. We emphasized the importance we place on Iraq's security and stability in light of the negative repercussions of Israeli atrocities on our region and Iraq. I believe that the increasing cooperation between Iraq and Turkey, both bilaterally and regionally, will contribute to the peace and stability of the entire region. I wish for the outcomes of our discussions and decisions to be beneficial for our countries. I extend my gratitude to all our Iraqi brothers and sisters for their sincere hospitality."

"We will eliminate terrorism one way or another"

"The quagmire of terrorism in Iraq and Syria will be dried up not only through our efforts but also through the joint efforts of both countries' administrations. Furthermore, we continue our relentless fight against all terrorist organizations indiscriminately. Our struggle against PKK/PYD/YPG, particularly entrenched in Iraq and Syria, has been comprehensive for many years, as you know. We will continue with the same determination in the future. This fight will continue respecting international law, including the territorial integrity of our neighbors, both domestically and beyond our borders. Ideally, our neighbors should take the necessary measures against threats emanating from their territories, and together, we should continue this struggle."

"The Gaza issue is currently the most important matter in the Islamic world"

"If we look at the Gaza issue from the perspective before October 7, we would be mistaken. We need to be much more sensitive. Israel's unprecedented massacres and moves to destroy Gaza necessitate a change in approach. If Gaza falls into Israeli hands, it opens the door to other occupations. Opening Gaza to Israeli thieves and terrorists will make Israel more aggressive and reckless. We cannot allow this. Therefore, there are steps we need to take. Faced with Israel's arrogant and criminal behavior, we will endeavor to involve the United Nations Secretary-General and take joint steps with them."

"If the Islamic world does not wake up to the shudder caused by these genocidal massacres, it faces the danger of losing its reflexes completely. Therefore, we cannot remain silent here. We must activate all nerve endings. The Gaza issue is currently the most important matter in the Islamic world. The focus of the Islamic world, its deliberations for a solution, and the production of realistic and effective policies should be Gaza. We will continue to discuss these issues with Hamas officials and leaders of many countries. Our primary agenda item is this issue, and we will continue to do more than our best for a solution. Others may ignore or forget this issue, but we cannot have such an approach."

"Our story cannot be separated from the Palestinian Cause"

"I had a truly sincere meeting with Haniyeh. I saw Haniyeh's determination in the struggle against Israel. In this sincere meeting, we felt the reflection of this heartfelt connection in Palestine. We are as close as flesh and nail with our Palestinian brothers and sisters. They are suffering, and no one should think that we are sleeping soundly. Those who try to separate us from our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Nablus, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, and other Palestinian cities are delusional. They know us, and we know them. We have made our position clear in all our statements, including at the United Nations General Assembly and elsewhere. We will continue to exhibit the same determination.

We never leave our Palestinian brothers and sisters, including Hamas, on their own. To date, we have sent around 45,000 tons of aid to Gaza. This aid continues and will continue. Additionally, we are currently treating the wounded in our hospitals in Ankara and Istanbul. With the steps we have taken at the field hospital, we will continue to stand by our brothers and sisters. Our story cannot be separated from the Palestinian Cause. Fortunately, we have a place in the great story of the Palestinian Cause. We understand this from the naive words spoken by our Palestinian brothers and the prayers of the suffering mothers and children there. If we can be worthy of their love and noble generosity, it would be a great honor for us. As the poet said, time is running out for humanity. In these closing times, we must work harder for Palestine, to comfort grieving hearts, and to build a future that soothes the cries of suffering babies."

Attack on TRT Arabic team

"The concrete evidence of Israel's discomfort with reality is evident in these attacks, particularly on print and visual media members. Israel carries out these attacks to erase the traces of its massacres and cover up genocide evidence. Those who preach about democracy, human rights, and freedoms must analyze this picture well. It is incomprehensible for the world to remain silent in the face of hundreds of media members being killed. The severe injury of our TRT member is truly saddening for us. May God grant health and well-being. Regardless of what they do, we have placed all the evidence of Israel's crimes before the International Court of Justice, and we will continue to do so. We will continue to reveal the truth, to speak out against Israel's murders. Let us know that the time will come when Hitler-like Netanyahu and his accomplices will have to answer. No matter how much he tries to escape, we will follow him just as persistently. One day, justice will hold them accountable if humanity does not."