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Türkiye's first astronaut Alper Gezeravcı returned to the homeland

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Published February 12,2024

Türkiye's first astronaut Alper Gezeravcı returned to the homeland. Alper Gezeravcı, who successfully completed his space mission, and Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır are making statements at a press conference held at Ankara Esenboğa Airport. Highlights from Minister Kacır's speech:

"Gezeravcı successfully completed his scientific mission. 13 scientific experiments were successfully completed in space.

This mission is also very valuable in demonstrating the value we place on science and our scientists, as well as the opportunities we provide in our country. They have observed Türkiye's capacity to conduct scientific research.

We will continue to achieve our goals within the scope of the National Space Program. We will provide the necessary support for these research activities to continue.

We will enable our second astronaut to conduct scientific experiments in a sub-orbital flight in the near future.

We will initiate R&D programs. We will establish a spaceport and carry out the lunar program.

By implementing regional positioning and timing programs, we will achieve technological independence.