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Fascist Israeli presenter spits venom at oppressed Palestinians on pro-Netanyahu TV

The Netanyahu administration, known for justifying violence against the Palestinian population, also fuels divisive rhetoric in the media. Recently, a host on an Israeli channel made inflammatory comments that crossed a moral boundary. This sparked controversy on Channel 14, which is notorious for its pro-Netanyahu bias.

Published November 20,2023
The bloody-thirsty Netanyahu administration not only justifies assaults on the Palestinian population, but also propagates inflammatory rhetoric through national media outlets. Recently, a host on an Israeli channel exposed the extent to which human decency was crossed. This caused uproar on Channel 14, which is widely known for its pro-Netanyahu stance.

During a recent live broadcast on Channel 14, known for its primarily far-right viewership, host Shay Golden made shocking and threatening remarks for a full 73 seconds. As he exclaimed, "We are coming, we are coming," Golden directed his words towards Gaza. He then extended his threats to include other countries such as Lebanon and Iran, emphasizing the potential violence towards those who oppose Israel. His language was disturbing and inhumane throughout the entire incident.

"The Arab history of the world has never seen anything like this. If you are unaware, I warned you about what is coming. I am warning you because you are unaware. The death toll will be staggering. We are ready, even if we face a boycott by the whole world, even if we have to fight with the USA. You can seek any support you like, talk to God, it doesn't matter. Have fun on social media, keep typing 'Freedom for Palestine', and keep crying. We will destroy you, no. Share this video with all your family and friends," the fascist TV host said in his comments.