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Deciphering diplomatic discourse of United States: Hypocrisy unveiled

Despite publicly supporting Israel despite their actions in Gaza, the USA has also shown inconsistency in their statements. Referring to Palestinian casualties as "inevitable consequences of war" while condemning the deaths of Ukrainian civilians without justification is one example. However, the way in which the United States handles the perpetrators of these events has often called into question their commitment to justice.

Published November 19,2023
Despite the USA's unwavering support for Israel, even in light of their actions in Gaza, there are instances where their statements appear hypocritical. For instance, labeling the deaths of Palestinians as inevitable casualties of war while denouncing the killing of Ukrainian civilians lacks consistency. Throughout history, the United States' stance towards those responsible has often raised questions about justice.

October 24, 2023 (about Gaza): White House Spokesperson John Kirby acknowledges the harsh truth that civilian casualties and brutality are inevitable in times of war, even if it is a difficult reality to accept.

On April 30, 2022, White House Spokesperson John Kirby stated that the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine are unjustifiable on ethical grounds. It is difficult to believe that anyone with values of ethics and morality could justify such actions.

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator, John Kirby, shared contrasting perspectives on the two wars. While discussing one of the conflicts that led to loss of civilian lives in a statement on April 30, 2022, Kirby was visibly moved and acknowledged that "certain photographs were difficult to witness." However, when addressing the same issue on October 24, 2023, Kirby had a more solemn tone as he spoke candidly about how civilian casualties are an unavoidable consequence of war.

The United States has been engaged in diplomacy since the Cold War, with its stance on civilian casualties varying depending on the responsible party. With involvement in numerous conflicts dating back to the 1950s, the US has played a significant role in battles abroad. However, despite this, their approach to addressing perpetrators' actions has not always been consistent.

So what is the true perspective of the US, as the focal point of these two stances, regarding civilian deaths? This query can be answered by a White House Spokesperson or an American official. Let us examine a historical event as an example until that day arrives.

On November 19, 2005, the Iraqi town of Hadisa was the site of a tragic event known as the Hadisa Massacre. This incident, in which US soldiers were responsible for the loss of civilian lives, was just one among many during the Iraq War. According to reports, 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians were killed by US soldiers after being taken out of a vehicle. The soldiers then proceeded to enter the town and carry out a gruesome raid on homes where they massacred innocent civilians, including women and children who were asleep in their beds.

Recently, The Washington Post newspaper obtained a report from General Eldon Bargewell detailing the Hadisa massacre. Shockingly, it reveals that illegal actions within the chain of command were disregarded.

The report also highlights the creation of a climate by occupation commanders where the loss of innocent Iraqi lives is deemed insignificant in the midst of war. Due to this perception, it took several months for the truth about the Hadisa massacre to come to light as the initial claims by the American army blamed insurgents for the deaths. However, it was ultimately uncovered that US soldiers were responsible for deliberately killing a group of civilians.

Following the investigation, 8 US marines faced charges in connection with the Hadisa Massacre. However, it was uncovered that certain individuals within their ranks had dishonestly provided false information and tampered with evidence in an attempt to cover up their actions. This revelation further intensified the already widespread outrage and condemnation of US war atrocities towards civilians, highlighting criticism towards the lack of accountability for soldiers involved in such crimes.

The ongoing inquiry into the Hadisa Massacre has prompted a new report that seeks to provide updated suggestions for training American marines. Yet, representatives of the US military have declined to give any statements on the matter. One particular soldier, Sergeant Sanick Dela Cruz, made headlines as one of eight soldiers whose charges were dismissed last week in connection with the Hadisa Massacre. This turn of events, much like White House Spokesperson Kirby's contrasting remarks concerning Ukraine and Gaza, has raised doubts about the fairness of the American justice system.