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Iran is weeks away from obtaining a nuclear weapon: report

"The Express" newspaper: "The Iranian regime has weeks to enrich its uranium stocks to 90%, which is the level required to create a warhead that can be placed in a ballistic missile."

Published January 24,2023

New credible claims say the regime is "weeks away" from enriching its uranium stockpiles to 90 percent – the level needed to create a warhead capable of being placed on to a ballistic missile.

While it would take another 18 months to create an effective delivery system, reaching the 90 percent threshold would, it is feared, force the West and regional players to re-assess their options to contain the rogue state.

Israel has said it would, as a last resort, take military action to neutralise Iranian stockpiles.

Although it hopes that, following agreements brokered by former US president Donald Trump, it would have support from Saudi Arabia, it said it is willing to go it alone.

Strikes would have to be carried out soon, as once the threshold is reached Iran can bury its material 60m underground at its Fordow enrichment plant near Qom.

To date, Iran has enriched 75kg of uranium to 60 percent. While this is enough to create a nuclear bomb, the warhead it would require would be too heavy to be deployable.

Nuclear expert Dr Bahram Ghiassee explained: "Technically, it would now take Iran weeks to reach 90 percent enrichment.

"Even while it allows the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) limited access, the fact remains the regime is in a race against time.

"Protests are at unprecedented levels and the currency to the dollar is at a low rate never seen before. Tehran believes that, by weaponising its nuclear programme, it will consolidate its position and put itself out of reach of regime change. It would be impossible to topple the regime after