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Peru's president detained by security forces- national police tweet

Agencies and A News WORLD
Published December 07,2022

Peru's President Pedro Castillo was detained by security forces on Wednesday, according to images shown in a tweet published by the national police, shortly after Congress voted to remove him from power.

Castillo said in a televised speech that he would demand congressional elections to approve a new Constitution. The announcement was made hours before was to face an impeachment trial in Congress.

The president was arrested after his speech. Video on social media shows Castillo being detained on the street by police.

Meanwhile, lawmakers continued to vote successfully to impeachment Castillo's despite his announcement.

Dina Boluarte was named as a candidate to assume the presidency.

The dissolution of Congress was been condemned by political forces, including the party that brought him to power, Peru Libre, and a series of Cabinet resignations followed.

Castillo has gone through two unsuccessful impeachments. He is facing investigations for allegedly committing crimes related to "criminal organization," but Castillo has denied the allegations saying "economic interest groups" are looking to oust him.

Peru has had five presidents since 2016, including Castillo, who was elected to serve from 2021 - 2026.

In 2018, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski faced an impeachment motion but resigned before the vote.