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Russia, Turkey agree to more consultations on grain exports from Ukraine

A Turkish defence delegation was in Moscow for talks aimed at resuming grain exports from Ukraine across the Black Sea, Russia's defence ministry said Wednesday. Millions of tonnes of wheat and other grains have been stuck in Ukrainian ports since Russia sent troops to its pro-Western neighbour, sparking concern about hunger and food prices worldwide.

Agencies and A News WORLD
Published June 22,2022

Russian and Turkish delegations have agreed to continue consultations on safe vessel departures and grain exports from Ukrainian ports, the Russian defence ministry said on Wednesday.

Ukraine is one of the top wheat suppliers globally, but its grain shipments have stalled and tonnes of grain has been trapped in silos since Russia sent troops into the country.

"The parties discussed the safe exit of Turkish merchant ships and the export of grain from Ukrainian ports, as well as approaches to ensuring safe navigation in the Black Sea," the ministry said in a statement following the meeting on Tuesday.

Russia has repeatedly denied blocking the passage of cargo ships loaded with Ukrainian grain, instead blaming Western sanctions against Moscow for contributing to the food crisis.

Turkey -- which has maintained good relations with Moscow and Kyiv -- has offered to enable the passage of vessels from Ukraine based on a UN plan that would see safe corridors set up around known mines.