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Bomb blast kills 3 people, leaves dozens of others injured in eastern Pakistan

At least 3 people were killed and 22 wounded on Thursday by a bomb blast in a busy shopping district of the Pakistani megacity of Lahore. "Initial investigations show that it was a time-controlled device on a motorbike which was the cause of the blast," Arif Rana -- spokesman for Lahore police -- told reporters.

Reuters WORLD
Published January 20,2022

A bomb blast ripped through a crowded market in eastern Pakistan on Thursday, killing three people and wounding over 20, police said.

"It was a bomb blast," a police spokesman Arif Rana told Reuters, saying a time device rigged to a motorcycle exploded outside a shop in the market.

A nine-year-old boy is among the three dead, he said.

A separatist group based in southwestern Balochistan province claimed responsibility in a text message sent to a Reuters reporter.