US fighter jet crashes in Florida, second accident in a week

An Air Force fighter jet crashed while landing at a base, but the pilot was able to eject and survived. The F-35A Lightning II crashed Tuesday night on the base as the pilot returned from a routine training flight, the public affairs office at near Tampa said in a news release.

A US fighter jet has crashed during a test flight in Florida, the air force said Wednesday, the second military air accident in a week in the state.

No one was hurt in the incident involving an F-35A Stealth jet as it tried to land Tuesday night, Eglin Air Force Base said in a statement. The pilot managed to eject and is in stable condition.

The crash caused no injuries to any civilians nor property damage at the base.

The Lockheed Martin F-35 is the most expensive weapons program in US military history, at a cost of nearly $400 billion to produce nearly 2,500 units in coming decades.

The F35-A is the version earmarked for the US Air Force. Each costs around $85 million.

A Stealth jet of the previous generation, F-22, crashed Friday around 15 miles (20 kilometers) from the Eglin base during a . The pilot managed to eject safely that time, too.

Both crashes are under investigation, said the statement, released on the base's Twitter account in the early hours of Wednesday.

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