US eclipses 200,000 coronavirus infections

The U.S. exceeded 200,000 confirmed coronavirus infections Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The toll includes nearly 4,500 deaths and 8,400 recoveries as federal, state and local leaders seek to stymy the virus' spread.

New York state continues to lead all others with the highest number of cases and fatalities -- 83,712 and 1,941 respectively -- with most originating in the densely-populated New York City metropolitan area.

Neighboring New Jersey is the second-most infected state with 22,255 confirmed cases while California, the country's most populous state, trails behind at 8,700 infections, according to Johns Hopkins.

After first appearing in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December the virus has spread to at least 176 countries and regions, the university's data indicates.

The global death toll from the virus has hit 45,497, with 911,308 cases confirmed, according to the university.

The coronavirus attacks the respiratory tract with the potential to cause pneumonia and death.

Despite its severity, most experience mild symptoms and recover. But the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions are particularly vulnerable to the virus.

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