Trump seeks to force General Motors to produce ventilators


Trump said that he expected thousands of urgently needed ventilators will be produced as part of the United States' response to the coronavirus pandemic. The president, speaking at a signing ceremony for a coronavirus economic relief bill, did not specify if he was referring to devices that Co will be required to make under a Defense Production Act order he issued.

President Donald Trump issued an order Friday that seeks to force General Motors to produce ventilators for coronavirus patients under the Defense Production Act.

Trump said negotiations with General Motors had been productive, "but our fight against the virus is too urgent to allow the give-and-take of the contracting process to continue to run its normal course."

Trump said "GM was wasting time" and said his actions will help ensure the quick production of ventilators that will save American lives.

Experts say the U.S. is hundreds of thousands of breathing machines short of what it likely will need to treat a rapidly rising number of COVID-19 patients. New York, Michigan, Louisiana and the state of Washington have been singled out as virus hot spots in the U.S.

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