Turkey's Erdoğan named the most popular Muslim leader in the world

According to an international index released by , Turkish has been named the in the world. The study shows leading with 46%, followed by at 40%, at 36%, at 31% and Erdoğan at 30%.

Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the Muslim leader in the world, according to an international index.

The annual popularity index of world political leaders was released by Gallup International on Thursday.

Erdoğan ranked fifth most popular leader in the world, according to the index.

The index shows German Chancellor Angela Merkel leading with 46%, followed by French President, Emmanuel Macron at 40%, Russian President at 36%, U.S. President Donald Trump at 31% and Erdoğan of at 30%.

Erdoğan shares this position with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who also scored 30%.

Within the Muslim world, Erdoğan is at the top with 30% followed by Saudi King Salman at 25% and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at 21%.

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