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Falsified child images used on social media to smear Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring

Waging their anti-Turkey smear campaign on social media platforms, the YPG sympathizers, this time, shared the falsified images of war-affected children to mislead public opinion on the cross-border military operation dubbed "Operation Peace Spring" in the northeastern region of war-torn Syria to kick the terrorists out of the region.

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published October 19,2019

Pro-terrorist YPG/PKK accounts used children affected by war in their smear campaign against Turkey's Operation Peace Spring which aims to eliminate terrorists from its southern border.

Accounts supporting terrorist YPG/PKK shared photos claiming that they were taken in Operation Peace Spring.

However, photos that were shared to manipulate Turkey's operation with images of children affected by war, were actually taken in different times and places.

Accounts close to terror group YPG/PKK posted an image of a child crying while looking at his injured hands after a bombardment, claiming that it was captured during Operation Peace Spring.

Nevertheless, the photo was taken in heavy Aleppo bombardment, by the Assad regime in Oct. 2012.

Similarly, pro-terrorist accounts shared an image of a mother sitting with her child claiming that it was captured during Operation Peace Spring. In fact, the same photo was published in a different website in 2015.

Another account manipulating the truth posted a photo of a child carrying his bicycle among a wreck as if it was taken in Operation Peace Spring. In reality, it was taken in Syria's East Ghouta after Assad regime's bombardment in 2018.

Supporters of the terror group spread a photo showing a kid sleeping inside a luggage claiming it was taken during Turkey's operation. However, the photo was actually taken in Syria's East Ghouta in 2018.

One of pro-YPG/PKK terror organization accounts shared a photo of children as if crying during the Operation Peace Spring. In fact, it was taken in Gaza during Israel attacks in 2014.