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2nd Anatolian Seljuk sultan's grave found in SE Turkey

Anadolu Agency VISIT TURKEY
Published January 12,2021

The grave of the second Anatolian Seljuk sultan was unearthed on Tuesday during an excavation work in eastern Turkey.

Following archival studies, Dicle University established a commission to find the grave of Kilij Arslan I in the Diyarbakir province.

Following a nine-day long excavation work, the graves of Kilij Arslan I and his daughter Saide Hatun were unearthed.

Speaking to reporters, Mehmet Karakoç, the rector of the university, said that the burial location has not been clearly identified in various studies conducted so far.

"This will bring a different perspective to historical events in terms of both Silvan and Diyarbakır history," Karakoç said.