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Winter fairy tale in May: Snow covers Limni Lake Park in Turkey's Gümüşhane

Published May 25,2020
DHA Photo

The Limni Lake Natural Park, located in Turkey's Eastern Black Sea region, was covered with 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) of snow this week, giving visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery one last time as the summer months approach.

Surrounded by pine and spruce trees, the park offers a pleasant view of the snow-covered mountain.

AA Photo

Located 45 kilometers (27.9 miles) from Gümüşhane's city center, Lake Limni is situated on the foothills of Mount Zigana.

The park features a total of 22 forest cottages where visitors can stay for longer periods of time to enjoy nature. This year alone, the lake and the surrounding park has welcomed over 200,000 local and international tourists, many of them from the Gulf countries.

Lake Limni was registered as an "A type picnic area" by the Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs in 2004.