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Father continues his walk to Turkish capital for his PKK-kidnapped daughter

He believes that they need to continue to struggle until they meet their children again.

Anadolu Agency TURKEY
Published September 14,2021

A father who started a march of "Hope" for his daughter kidnapped by the PKK terror group made his mid-way to the Turkish capital Ankara by walking.

Mehmet Laçin began his march from the Western Izmir province and reached Afyonkarahisar on his second day of the walk.

Speaking to reporters, Laçin said: "As long as we continue the struggle, we will meet our children through the power of the state, with God's permission."

He added that his daughter was taken from the family in 2008.

The father also noted that he went to the southeastern Diyarbakir province when he saw families protesting in the hope to get their children back and he stayed there for seven months. Then he needed to return to Izmir due to the coronavirus outbreak and continued his protest outside the provincial office of the opposition Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

A large group of families has been protesting for more than a year in southeastern Turkey to reunite with their children kidnapped by the PKK terror group.

Laçin continues his walk wearing a t-shirt with an inscription on it, reading: "Give back my child that you kidnapped on the mountain, (give her) back, HDP," also carrying a photo of his daughter along with a Turkish flag.

Since September 2019, families have participated in a sit-in protest against the terror group and the political party, which they, as well as the Turkish government, accuse of having direct links with.