Turkey to chase up all terror groups: President Erdoğan

Turkey will chase up all terror groups used as a means to make it a captive, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a campaign rally in the Black Sea province of Kastamonu, Erdoğan said Turkey "has been struggling on this geography for a thousand years."

Either "separatist PKK, abusive FETÖ, or project-product Daesh", the president reiterated vow against terrorism.

"We have chased them up and will continue chasing in [Mt.] Cudi, Gabar and Tendurek and even in Qandil," Erdoğan said.

On the attacks on Turkey, he said: "Recently, they tried to halt [Turkey's] development by blocking our progress."

"Visionless politicians and unqualified bureaucrats" were used as a tool, said Erdoğan, adding economy was also used as a weapon by using "simple justifications".

They sometimes ignited a quarrel in Turkish nation by using divisions like right-wing, left-wing, secular, non-secular, Alevi and Sunni, he said.

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