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Potential cancer medication receives European patent

Anadolu Agency TÜRKIYE
Published November 14,2018

Turkish academics have received patent protection in Europe for a compound which could become the country's "national cancer medication".

The compound, which was discovered by faculty members at Uludag University in Turkey's northwestern Bursa province, shows signs of being highly effective against colon cancer, according to a statement by the team.

Veysel Turan Yilmaz, the thesis advisor for the dissertation leading to the project, said that the team expected "care and support" from the government and private sector.

He added that talks with pharmaceutical companies are ongoing, with the compound receiving a 20 year international patent from the Turkish Patent Institute and another from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

While clinical trials are ongoing, Konstantinos Dimas of the Greek University of Thessaly -- another member of the team -- stated that the compound was proven to reduce the size of colon tumors in mice at a faster rate than current commercial medications, and that it was more "promising" in this regard than present methods.

The compound was a product of the doctoral dissertation of Ceyda Icsel of Uludag University and its effectiveness against colon cancer cells was demonstrated by Engin Ulukaya of Istinye University in Istanbul.