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Call for football player Jaber's citizenship to be revoked by Israel after observing a moment of silence for Gaza

The Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports, Miki Zohar, has called for the revocation of citizenship for Ataa Jaber, a Palestinian footballer who is currently an Israeli citizen, due to his participation in a moment of silence in solidarity with Gaza.

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Published November 21,2023

Miki Zohar, the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports, has urged for the stripping of citizenship from Ataa Jaber. He is a Palestinian footballer who holds Israeli citizenship and has been targeted for joining in a show of support for Gaza by observing a moment of silence.

The Times of Israel reported that Jaber, a member of the Palestinian national football team, faced backlash from Israelis for observing a moment of silence in support of Gaza during a recent match against Lebanon on November 16.

In a letter to Minister of Internal Affairs Moshe Arbel, Culture and Sports Minister Zohar expressed concern over Jaber's citizenship and urged for its revocation.

According to Zohar, by participating in the moment of silence for Gaza victims while disregarding the Israeli side during the match, Jaber had shown clear support for the enemy.

Jaber has experience with both the Israeli Under-21 national team and various Israeli clubs, including the Maccabi Haifa Football Club.