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2 more Palestinians killed by Israeli army in West Bank cities

Israeli army gunfire resulted in the deaths of two Palestinians in Tulkarm and Tubas, both located in the northern West Bank, on Monday morning.

Anadolu Agency MIDDLE EAST
Published June 10,2024

At least two Palestinians were killed by Israeli army gunfire in the northern West Bank cities of Tulkarm and Tubas early Monday.

Tulkarm's Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital confirmed to Anadolu the death of a 21-year-old Palestinian, Youssef Abdel Daim, by the Israeli army fire.

Israeli forces stormed the Thenabeh refugee camp adjacent to Tulkarm, raiding and searching several homes, witnesses reported.

Snipers from special forces were positioned on rooftops, firing into various neighborhoods, resulting in Abdel Daim's injury and subsequent death, they added.

Another Palestinian was also killed and four others were injured during an Israeli army raid in the Al Fara camp near Tubas.

Palestine's official news agency WAFA reported that medical teams transported a critically injured person from the Al Fara camp to the hospital, where doctors later announced his death.

According to WAFA, clashes erupted inside the camp after special Israeli forces were discovered hiding in one of the buildings. The forces withdrew from the camp following a five-hour operation.

Later, witnesses told Anadolu that Israeli forces re-entered the camp about two hours after withdrawing from it. They reported that confrontations broke out between Palestinian gunmen and the Israeli army, with sounds of explosions heard.

The Israeli army surrounded the camp and brought in military reinforcements, the witnesses added.

Tensions have been high across the occupied West Bank since Israel launched a deadly military offensive against the Gaza Strip, which has killed more than 37,000 victims following a Hamas attack on Oct. 7.

At least 532 Palestinians have since been killed and nearly 5,000 injured by Israeli army fire in the West Bank, according to the Health Ministry.

Israel is accused of genocide at the International Court of Justice.