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Israeli army raising readiness on 'northern front' with Lebanon

On Saturday, the Israeli army announced its plans to increase readiness on the "northern front" with Lebanon. To achieve this goal, they conducted live ammunition and urban warfare exercises at the brigade level. The Northern Region command also carried out intensive drills last week in order to improve efficiency and preparedness for potential conflict.

Anadolu Agency MIDDLE EAST
Published January 28,2024

The Israeli army said on Saturday it is boosting its readiness on the "northern front" with Lebanon through exercises involving live ammunition and urban warfare at the brigade level.

The army stated that it is "raising its readiness on the northern front, including exercises at the brigade level involving live ammunition and urban warfare for the Northern Reserve Paratroopers Brigade."

"As part of the readiness-raising measures on the northern borders, the Northern Region command conducted intensive exercises last week to enhance efficiency and readiness for war," the statement added.

"The fighters trained at various levels, starting from the platoon level and ending with the combat teams of brigades, including tanks, infantry, military engineering, and artillery."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant have hinted on several occasions at the possibility of a war with the Lebanese Hezbollah group along the northern borders, amid mutual shelling and targeting between the two sides since last October.

Most world leaders have warned against any expansion of the nearly four-month-old war on Gaza.

Against the backdrop of a devastating onslaught on Gaza, tension and sporadic exchange of fire have been ongoing on the Israeli-Lebanese border since Oct. 8, resulting in fatalities and injuries on both sides, as well as among Lebanese civilians.