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Turkish group starts worldwide drive to protest children's deaths in Gaza

Anadolu Agency MIDDLE EAST
Published November 20,2023

A Turkish group is pushing for people worldwide to switch their lights on and off at the same local time Monday, and every night after that as long as it takes, for the "Do Something" campaign to support the besieged children of Gaza.

Monday marks the 44th day of the Israeli attacks on Gaza, with over 13,000 Gazan civilians, including thousands of children and infants, killed in attacks by Israel that many call war crimes, said the Ankara Solidarity Platform, a group organizing the protest.

For Nov. 20, World Children's Rights Day, an awareness campaign was launched with the slogan "Do Something," with the campaign planned to continue until the end of "child massacres" committed by Israel.

For the first event of the campaign, the turning of lights on and off at 9 pm local time in each country is set to be done around the world, it said.

In the days to come, the platform aims to raise international public awareness and global resistance against child deaths through similar activities.

Content and visual materials produced during the "Do Something" campaign will be shared on social media with the hashtags #dosomething and #birseyyap in Turkish, said the group.