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Rafah crossing to open Wednesday to allow injured Palestinians to be treated in Egypt

Anadolu Agency MIDDLE EAST
Published November 01,2023

The Rafah border crossing is set to open Wednesday to allow injured Palestinians to be treated in Egypt's hospitals.

The media director of the Rafah border crossing, Wael Abu Mohsen, confirmed to Anadolu that the crossing will be open.

Egypt's North Sinai Gov. Mohamed Shosha confirmed the opening of the border crossing in a televised statement for an Egyptian channel.

He said in a previous statement the North Sinai Governorate is on alert to receive injured Palestinians as soon as the border crossing opens.

The Rafah border crossing has been closed since the outbreak of fighting in the Gaza Strip on Oct. 7 and was partially open for a few days to allow entry of only a limited number of aid trucks.

The Rafah crossing media director noted that 196 aid trucks have so far crossed into Gaza since Oct. 7.

The Israeli army has expanded its air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip, which has been under relentless airstrikes since the surprise offensive by the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, earlier this month.

More than 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict since then, including 8,525 Palestinians and 1,538 Israelis.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected growing calls for a cease-fire, saying it would be a "surrender" to Hamas.