Daesh/ISIS attacks kill 8 people in northern Iraq

At least eight people, including five security officers, were killed on Saturday in an attack by the Daesh/ISIS terror group in Iraq's northern Saladin province, according to an Iraqi military source.

"The death toll of the attack by the Daesh terror group militants near the Almsahag village of the Saladin province has left eight people dead, including five security officers." said Saad Mohammad, an officer at the provincial operations command.

Mohammad also noted that Col. Ibrahim Ajeil, the police head of Almsahag, was also killed in the attack, along with 10 others critically injured.

The Deash/ISIS militants detonated an explosive device in a civilian car near Almsahag, then opened fire when a joint force of Police and Iranian backed Hashd al-Shabi (Popular Mobilisation forces) arrived in the area.

The Iraqi officer said the Daesh/ISIS militants withdrew from the village after the attack.

In recent months, suspected Daesh/ISIS militants have stepped up attacks, particularly in the area of northern Kirkuk, Saladin, and eastern Diyala provinces, known as the "Triangle of Death".

In 2017, Iraq declared victory over Daesh/ISIS by reclaiming all of its territory-about a third of the country's area-invaded by the terrorist group in 2014.

But the terrorist group still maintains sleeper cells in large areas of Iraq and periodically launches attacks.

The Iraqi army continues to carry out frequent operations against the group in these parts of the country.

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